Travel - Mediterranean Cruise

Introduction & Map

Cruises are not something we had ever done or planned to do, but Deborah's parents, who are seasoned "cruisers" suggested a cruise around the Med, we decided to join them.  We left from Albany airport and flew to JFK.  From there, we flew to Madrid and then to Barcelona, which was where we set sail.  We had no chance to look around either Barcelona or Marseille, unfortunately.  It was a very arduous trip, especially for Deborah's parents.  Never having seen a cruise ship close-up, when we first saw it, it seemed huge.  We were to find that it was only average.  Our room, sorry, cabin, was small but comfortable, with a window looking out to sea.  The staff were really good, although one or two were a little obsequious.  Overall, it was a fun experience.  We were a little surprised at how rude some of the older passengers were, but managed to work around that.  Anyway; here is a slide show of some of the pictures we took of the ship and the places we visited.  The various destinations are shown.  Click anywhere on the map to start the slide show. 
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