We try to visit any lighthouses that are near anywhere we visit.  So far, the majority have been on the East Coast of the US; in particular in Maine, with some in other states including Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, the Hudson River in New York and several from our trip to Georgia and South Carolina.  Many are administered by the American Lighthouse Foundation.  We have also seen some on both the east and west coasts of Canada, and have added these.

Click on the lighthouse name from the drop-down menu to the left to see a slide show and more details about each of them.  Many pictures have captions at the bottom of the picture.  The arrows on the left and right of the pictures are for navigating through the slide show.  Some of the slide shows have very few pictures, for various reasons.  I hope to add to these in time. 

I have included some information about the different types of lighting in the section on Lighthouse Lighting, and a number of pictures from the Lighthouse Museum in Rockland, Maine.  I have included some vintage photographs of some of the lighthouses from postcards held in the Smithsonian collection

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