Quantum Physics

I am fascinated by Quantum Physics.  It amazes me that so many people still believe that it is "only a Theory".  The truth is that without quantum physics you would have no computers, no flat screen televisions or anything else that relies on solid state physics!  Transistors, tunnel diodes and micro-chips are all essentially quantum mechanical devices.  Is Quantum Physics as we know it the final answer?  Almost certainly not; in large part because we do not have a definitive Quantum Theory of Gravity.  But whatever answer is finally found, it will include what we know of Quantum processes as a sub-set.  Thousands of experiments have verified the accuracy of the predictions made by quantum physics; the difficulty is that no one really knows the whys or hows; it just seems to work.  Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the Pauli exclusion principle are real effects and not some theoretical ideas.  

Most of this section looks at Quantum Physics from the perspective of the Copenhagen Interpretation, which is the most widely used interpretation.  I have included a brief section on Hugh Everett's Many Worlds Interpretation as it is a viable alternative, and is something that interests me greatly. 

If you have any interest in looking further into this amazing branch of science, I recommend reading "In Search of Schrodinger's Cat" by John Gribben.  All the basics of quantum physics in one place, without a lot of mathematics.  Certainly, I shall not try and condense a whole book on quantum physics here, but just provide outline details, with some links and references for those who want the whole story.  In this section we examine the three main components of quantum physics.  I explore the attempts to reconcile Quantum physics with General Relativity later on in the section titled Quantum Gravity. 

So called "quantum mysticism" is not science.  Whether it is Capra's The Tao of Physics, or more particularly Chopra's Quantum Healing nonsense, there is absolutely no evidence apart from their assertion of its truth, and the belief of their followers.  Again; it is not science, it is pseudo-science in the same class as astrology.