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Jupiter has 67 confirmed moons, as of  August 2013, of which fifty have been named.  Only eleven of Jupiter's moons are more than 50 km in diameter, and 37 are less than 10 km across; some very small moons.  Apart from the four Galilean moons, they fall into one of a number of groups of related satellites; these appear on the menu above.  Alternatively, select an individual moon from the alphabetical list of the fifty named moons below. 

Jupiter's Moons

Adrastea Aitne Amalthea Ananke Aoede Arche Autonoe Callirrhoe Callisto Carme
Carpo Chaldene Cyllene Elara Erinome Euanthe Eukelade Euporie Europa Eurydome
Ganymede Harpalyke Hegemone Helike Hermippe Herse Himalia
Iocaste Isonoe
Kale Kallichore Kalyke Kore
Leda Lysithea Megaclite Metis Mneme Orthosie
Pasiphae Pasithee Praxidike Sinope Sponde Taygete Thebe Thelxinoe Themisto Thyone
The Galilean Moons

From left to right: Io, Europa, Ganymede, & Callisto
Jupiter's moons are grouped as follows.  Select to see details of the moon or the group of moons: